CNN Cuts Off Fact Checker When He Mentions Hillary’s Involvement In Obama Birtherism (VIDEO)


The mainstream media never wants to talk about the fact that it was Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton who started the questioning of President Obama’s birthplace back in 2007.

Instead, they have pawned off the issue to Donald Trump, claiming he started the movement because he was fueled by anti-Muslim and racist rhetoric.

It’s all the typical mainstream media lies. But, live on air, when a CNN fact-checker was digging into the 2007 beginnings of the Obama birther movement, the camera immediately cut to a Hillary rally.

Check this out:

Why doesn’t the media want this to get out? If this CNN fact-checker had been able to finish his statement, he would have most likely mentioned that Hillary was a part of the controversy back in 2007 during those Democratic primaries.

There really is a reason the public calls CNN ‘Clinton News Network.’

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