COMMON SENSE: Georgia Pushing To Ban Muslim Women From Wearing Burqas While Driving


It’s almost as if America is becoming a third world. The fact that we even need laws like this nowadays is troubling, but apparently the Muslim population in Georgia is booming.

So a Republican lawmaker came up with a common sense solution to a problem that is bound to set off the mainstream media.

Daily Mail reports:

A Republican lawmaker in the Georgia state legislature is proposing a controversial law that would ban Muslim women from wearing religious head garb while driving.

Jason Spencer, a Republican member of the Georgia House of Representatives, submitted the bill which would make an old anti-masking statute that was originally aimed at the Ku Klux Klan applicable to Muslim women, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The proposed legislation has ignited opposition from both Democrats and Republicans who fear that the bill’s intent is to curb religious freedom. 

The bill was ostensibly submitted to require Muslim women to remove veils and burqas while posing for driver’s license photos. 

Critics point out that Georgia authorities already have restrictions on the books that require would-be drivers to reveal their faces in photos for licenses. 

To drive around wearing a burqa is incredibly dangerous and should absolutely be banned. This is common sense, but the media will make it look like a hate crime, no doubt.


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