Former Democrat Congressman Defends Trump: He Didn’t Create Refugee Crisis, Obama Did (VIDEO)

Democrat congressman Dennis Kucinich is actually backing President Donald Trump, who has temporarily halted all refugees from entering the country in order to protect Americans.

Real Clear Politics reports:

“He’s able to speak out if he wants to,” the former Democratic Congressman said. “I agree with him that the constitution doesn’t allow for a religious test. But let’s say something here. Donald Trump didn’t create these wars; wars create refugees. And President Obama both in Syria and in Libya backed conflicts which created refugees. So, that’s something if he’s involved in the debate he should have to answer for that.”

“If you’re going to engage in a debate after you leave the presidency, you have to be prepared to defend your policies and the Obama policies of interventionism are going to be difficult to defend when you look at the results,” Kucinich said. “So I would say that, yes, we shouldn’t have a religious test for entry into the country, but, no, President Obama this direction you took us in in Libya and in Syria there is a lot of questions about that.

Yes! So true!


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