DESTROYING ISIS: Armed Forces Backed By US Take Back Air Base From Islamic State

The US is doing phenomenal in the fight against ISIS abroad, thanks to President Trump’s lead-the-way foreign policies which put America back in charge, rather than leading from behind like Obama did.

Fox News reports:

U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish forces captured a strategically important air base from Islamic State (ISIS) militants in north Syria on Sunday in the first major victory for the group since the U.S. airlifted the forces behind enemy lines four days ago.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces announced they had captured the Tabqa air base, 28 miles west of Raqqa, ISIS’ de facto capital in Syria.

The U.S., which has provided substantial air and ground support to the SDF, ferried hundreds of SDF forces, as well as U.S. military advisers and U.S. artillery, behind ISIS lines earlier this week.

Way to go President Trump!


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