FLASHBACK: Leftist Icon Cesar Chavez Was Deeply Opposed To Mass Immigration

Liberals love to celebrate farmer and Hispanic icon Cesar Chavez for the work he did with the unions, but they leave out one key fact: He was deeply against mass immigration.

Jeffrey Lord writes for the Spectator:

So. What’s the big deal, you ask? A hat tip here to Mark Levin, who brought up a startling fact: Cesar Chavez was deeply opposed to illegal immigration. But the question here is why. 

The fact is that just as Americans along the southern border today want it sealed to protect their private property or the safety of their families, Cesar Chavez wanted desperately to protect his union from illegal border crossings by Mexican “strikebreakers.” At core, Chavez was demanding — like property owners along the border today — that the sovereignty of the United States be respected. Those who remember Chavez recall him vividly as a committed Chicano activist who neither minced words nor shied away from acting on his beliefs. And in doing so, he put himself firmly on record against illegal immigration.

Here is Chavez himself on video from a September 25, 1972 interview with KQED in San Francisco, explaining just why he opposes illegal immigration — along the way using the terms “wetbacks” and “illegals.” (Both terms are considered offensive today, the latter being banned from usage by the Los Angeles Times, the Associated Press, and others.) Says Chavez in the interview: “As long as we have a poor country bordering California its going to be very difficult to win strikes as strikes are won normally by other unions with the employer.” He goes on to discuss a strike his union was involved with against a gas and oil company, saying:

…where we closed them down, they were unable to get strikebreakers, or they’d gotten very few. And then all of a sudden yesterday morning, they brought in 220 wetbacks — these are the illegals — from Mexico. Now, there’s no way to defend against that kind of strikebreaking…

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Funny how liberals never want to mention this. Chavez would have been a Trump supporter!

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