FLASHBACK: Obamacare Creator Said Trump Wouldn’t Be Able To Repeal Healthcare Law

Obamacare creator Jonathan Gruber said months ago Donald Trump wouldn’t repeal the overreaching healthcare law.

The only problem is that Trump is president now, and he’s repealing Obamacare!

Here’s what Gruber said months ago, as reported by BizJournals.com:

“‘If Trump wins, the ACA isn’t going away,’ he said in an interview Tuesday. ‘If you think about the core of the ACA, it’s the individual mandate, subsidies to make it affordable, and insurance market regulation to make it fairly priced. That core isn’t going away. If it does, you’re taking away insurance for millions, and Democrats won’t allow that.’

Instead, Gruber predicted that the Republican presidential candidate would get rid of pieces of the Affordable Care Act — colloquially called ‘Obamacare’ — if elected.

If, by some horrible catastrophe, Trump wins, there will be some noise about replacing (the ACA), but there is no replacement out there,’ Gruber said. ‘It was adopted by a Republican governor and a Democratic president. But there is no Republican alternative because it is a Republican plan.'”

Nice try Gruber!

But, you’re wrong.

Obamacare is on its way out!

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