FLASHBACK: Syria Has History Of ‘False Flag’ Chemical Attacks That Media Portrayed As Real

With the push by the political establishment and mainstream media for President Donald Trump to take us into a war with Syria, let’s remember the other false flags that the media tried to use to get us into a war.

Antiwar.com’s Editor-In-Chief Justin Raimondo wrote at the time:

It’s in somewhat dubious taste to start off a column by saying “I told you so,” but in this case that’s the shortest and indeed only way to convey my reaction to Seymour Hersh’s piece in the London Review of Books revealing that the chemical attack which nearly triggered a full-scale US military operation against the Assad regime was a false flag incident engineered by the Turks.

As I pointed out back in September, as the backlash against the supposedly imminent Syria strike gathered steam:

“Congress is wary because of the polls – no one wants to own this one. As for the media: they, too, are taking it slow, writing articles about how everyone has ‘learned the lesson of Iraq.’ But their version of that ‘lesson’ has little to do with the ‘intelligence’ we’re being given that’s supposed to justify this latest Crusade for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. For the most part, they’ve swallowed the administration’s account of what supposedly happened at Ghouta, and in earlier incidents of alleged poison gas attacks, which is that Assad ‘is gassing his own people.’

“The blind acceptance of this ‘fact’ is one of the stranger elements of the current war hysteria – because if we truly have learned ‘the lesson of Iraq’ then why is everyone repeating the US government’s war propaganda as if it’s beyond dispute?”

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