George Soros And Other Billionaires Pouring Millions Into Hillary Super PACs


Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is being funded by the globalist rich and powerful, despite fooling voters into believing she’s being funded by the American people.

Hillary’s biggest ally, George Soros is now lining up with other billionaires to pour millions into the candidate’s campaign.

The Hill reports:

Hedge fund moguls are pouring stunning amounts of cash into the main super-PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

George Soros and Donald Sussman, liberal financiers based in New York, have now given at least $10.5 million each to Priorities USA, an outside group that has already reserved more than $150 million in advertising to help Clinton win the White House.

Pushing him over the $10 million mark, Soros sent the super-PAC an additional $2.5 million in August, according to the latest reports from the Federal Election Commission. 

Sussman sent $2 million in August too, giving him an identical total donation to Soros.

Soros, a Hungarian-born Wall Street speculator, came to national political prominence during the 2004 presidential cycle when he spent more than $18 million trying to defeat then-president George W. Bush.

So when can we expect the mainstream media to expose the fact that Hillary is being propped up by a corrupt globalist elite?!

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