DEEPENING THE SWAMP: Bernie Sanders Is Helping Former Hillary Staffers Find Jobs In DC


Bernie Sanders talks a big game, but he’s all talk, no action.

In fact, he caves on just about every issue and is surely proving that he is a failure and a cheat, preaching something, but not actually doing what he says he’ll do.

The Hill reports:

The firm responsible for much of Bernie Sanders‘s digital efforts is lending a hand to former Hillary Clinton staffers looking to find work.

Revolution Messaging, the group that helped Sanders take on Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary, is reaching out to help Clinton staffers land on their feet after the surprise upset loss to Republican Donald Trump, pointing them toward jobs to help the progressive movement. The group hopes they will be able to find employment through its job portal, Progressive.Work.

“Now more than ever, the progressive community needs these experienced campaigners to continue the fight,” Sam Lozier, Revolution Messaging’s senior vice president of client services, said in a statement.

“While we originally launched [Progressive.Work] to help our friends coming off the Sanders campaign, we hope to help Clinton campaign staff and other campaigners now and well beyond 2016.”

So basically, Bernie is helping keep the swamp alive.


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