Hillary Campaigns With Alicia Machado Who Was Accused Of Being A Murder Accomplice In Venezuela (VIDEO)


Alicia Machado, the former Miss Universe pageant contestant, is Hillary Clinton’s last minute go-to-girl.

In a Florida rally today, Hillary brought out Machado to stump for her. Check out some of the clips from the event here:

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The only problem? Alicia Machado openly admitted to driving a getaway car in a Venezuelan murder case and threatened the life of a Venezuelan judge on Anderson Cooper. She also dated a prominent Venezuelan drug kingpin.

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Check out her appearance:

Here’s New York Magazine’s reporting on the accusations against Machado:

The male lead in this complex plot is Miss Machado’s rugged boyfriend, Juan Rafael Rodriguez Reggeti. He had a sister, who, eight months pregnant, jumped off a fifth-floor balcony. He, allegedly, blaming her husband for the suicide, sought revenge by firing two shots at him just after the funeral. The husband was hit but survived. Mr Rodriguez fled in a car driven, say the police, by Miss Machado.

The investigating judge, Maximiliano Fuenmayor, issued an arrest warrant for Mr Rodriguez. But Miss Machado, who claimed she was ill at home at the time, seemed to be in the clear, for the moment anyway. It was a short moment. Within hours, Mr Fuenmayor had a telephone call from her. He says she threatened to ruin his career and have him killed. She admits she rang, but says it was merely to thank him for his unbiased pursuit of justice. Mr Fuenmayor says she in fact threatened him with her powerful friends, from—supposedly—President Rafael Caldera down.

Nice try Hillary. You’re gonna have to do better than campaign with a criminal!


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