Hillary To Wealthy Bankers In Paid Speech: Just Think Of What More Trade Agreements Would Do For You


Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches released by Wikileaks are proving what a globalist, war hawk she really is.

During a speech to a Brazilian bank, Hillary told the wealthy businessmen that more international trade agreements, the same ones that have stripped the US of its job market, would be helpful for them.

Here’s an excerpt straight from Wikileaks:

Hillary Clinton Said Just Think Of What Doubling The Trade Between The United States And Latin America Would Mean For Everyone in This Room. “Just think of what doubling the trade between the United States and Latin America would mean for everybody in this room and it doesn’t happen by accident, it happens because people get up every day and decide they’re going to make an effort.” [05162013 Remarks to Banco Itau.doc, p. 14]

Now we know where Hillary stands on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. She’ll sign it the minute she gets into office!

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