FLASHBACK: Hollywood Partied With Trump At Golden Globes (Before They Hated Him)


Before President Donald Trump took on the big banks, the open borders lobby, the political establishment and George Soros, Hollywood adored him for his money and fame.

Back in 2007, Trump and wife Melania actually partied with Hollywood’s elite at the Golden Globes.

Take a look back:

Here they are shaking hands (via Zimbio):

And Ivanka was there, too (via Zimbio):

That was only 10 years ago.

That was when Liberals loved Trump and his family. Now, Liberals don’t.

It just goes to show how much these people hate intellectual diversity. You must agree with their liberal worldview or else you’ll be kicked out of their elite club.

Lucky for Trump, the American public doesn’t care about these Hollywood fools.

We want someone who is going to drain the swamp and shake up Washington DC!

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