Hungary President Praises Trump In Holiday Address: ‘2017 WILL BE THE YEAR OF REVOLT’

Hungary’s President Viktor Orban is often referred to as Central Europe’s Donald Trump.

In a patriotic and pro-Western civilization address on Christmas, Orban insisted that the European Union change. And he heralded Trump’s victory.

Daily Express reports:

He said: “It is unprecedented that in the heart of Europe, Christians were murdered at Christmas.“It’s clear that, in the case of migration, nothing can remain the way it was before. “Brussels needs to change, migrants who entered Europe illegally must be deported, the borders need to be protected and the inflow of migrants has to be eliminated.” 

The Hungarian PM says he’s predicting a year of revolt after US president-elect Donald Trump takes office.

 “A year ago no one would have believed that the UK would withdraw from the European Union (EU), or that Americans would reject the Clinton clan. Hungary is a stable island in the turbulent western world because the people were consulted on their opinions here, and we defended the country against illegal immigration.


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