Kellyanne DESTROYS OBNOXIOUS RACHEL MADDOW In Her Most Incredible Interview Yet (VIDEO)

Liberal and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is still whining that the American people chose President Donald Trump on election day.

When she invited Kellyanne Conway on for her show, was she expecting a soft interview with the winning team?

Instead, she got spit-fire from Kellyanne, in the sweetest possible way!

Watch Kellyanne ANNIHILATE Rachel Maddow:

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From the video:

Kellyanne: “Usually we have a politician moving from political office to political office to political office and we just move their lifetime pensions and great healthcare along with them . . . Remember, when the Trump Corporation benefits from a financial transaction, please don’t leave people to believe that the money goes into Donald Trump’s pockets. He employs tens of thousands of people worldwide.”

Then, when Rachel tries to accuse Trump of “pay-to-play,” Conway spits back:

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“Where is it here? Show me where it is here! Because it was clearly on the Americans’ mind about Hillary Clinton and the State Department. That’s just obvious that hurt her. They can blame Russian hacking. They can blame Jim Comey. They can blame poor Bernie Sanders, who did the terrible thing of giving people another alternative . . . But the fact is: People could not get past that honesty, integrity and veracity number – that obstacle that she had.


Kellyanne just went on MSNBC and dropped the truth on Liberals!

Maddow clearly couldn’t handle it. 

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