LAST MINUTE DEAL BEFORE TRUMP PRESIDENCY: Obama Working To Resettle 1,800 Refugees


Just a couple months before President-Elect Donald Trump takes office, President Obama is working overtime to ensure that at least 1,800 more refugees are settled in the United States.

Breitbart reports:

Reports indicate that Australia and the United States are close to a deal where about 1,800 migrants from Australian detention centers in Pacific islands will be resettled in the United States.

There have been reports for months that Australia was working on a deal to resettle the migrants in an unnamed country. It now appears that the unnamed country is the United States, and the deal was held up pending the US presidential election, so that it would not affect the election results. Now that the election is over, the deal can be completed and implemented in the presidential lame duck period.

In past years, thousands of refugees from Asia have traveled by boat to Australia, often after paying huge sums to human traffickers, hoping to resettle there. Australia has dealt with the situation, starting in 2001, by setting up two “detention centers” on Pacific islands, one on Papua New Guinea’s (PNG’s) Manus Island, and one on the island nation of Nauru, under agreements reached with both countries. Australia intercepts the boat people while at sea, and redirects them to the detention centers. These two filthy, rat-infested detention centers have been enormously controversial, with numerous stories of beatings, torture, and sexual abuse at the detention centers. The detention centers were shut down in 2007, but reinstated when the number of refugees and asylum seekers surged again into the thousands.

Of course, Trump is opposed to refugees entering the country, as European countries doing the same have found that Islamic State terrorists have actually infiltrated the program and will often times pose as migrants or refugees, when in fact, they’re terrorists.

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Hope these refugees are ready to return home when Trump enters the White House.


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