Man Accusing Trump Of Sex Crimes: Reportedly ‘Eccentric’ Anti-Trumper With History Of Outlandish Claims

Twitter Feed Makes Perfect Sense Of Attack On Trump

The mainstream media and the Democrats are doing everything they can to stop Donald Trump at all costs.

Most recently, they dredged up some ridiculous claims about Trump being involved in child rape. Turns out, the guy peddling the claim is reported to be a complete wack-job.

The Guardian reports:

Lawsuits accusing Donald Trump of sexually assaulting a child in the 1990s appear to have been orchestrated by an eccentric anti-Trump campaigner with a record of making outlandish claims about celebrities.

Norm Lubow, a former producer on the Jerry Springer TV show, has previously been involved with disputed allegations that OJ Simpson bought illegal drugs on the day Simpson’s wife was murdered, and that Kurt Cobain’s widow had the Nirvana frontman killed.

Court filings in California and New York against Trump, purportedly on behalf of a woman using the name Katie Johnson, have in recent weeks alleged that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee raped Johnson when she was 13. Trump vehemently denies the allegations.

Nice try mainstream media! Going to have to come up with something better than that!

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