Melania Trump: We Must Teach Our Children AMERICAN VALUES (VIDEO)


The next First Lady Melania Trump did a beautiful speech today. She asked that the children of the country be taught American values. And she asked that children stop bullying each other online.

Melania’s speech was incredible! She glided in the room, spoke elegantly and demanded leadership for the children of the country.

Take a look at one segment of Melania’s speech here:

“We need to teach our youth kindness, honesty, respect, compassion, charity, understanding,” Melania said. “Our culture has gotten too mean.”

Why hasn’t Bill Clinton given a speech like this?

Melania just laid out exactly what she wants to take on as First Lady. But is the media going to finally take her seriously?

And will Bill Clinton be asked to lay out what he will do as first spouse if Hillary Clinton becomes president?

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