Netherlands Right-Wing Leader Geert Wilders: ‘Patriotic Spring Is Sweeping The Western World’

The Netherlands may soon be taking their country back, just like America has with President-Elect Donald Trump.

A close ally to Trump, the Netherlands’ right-wing Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders says it’s not just Trump that will win to retake the Western world, it’s also right-wing anti-establishment parties across the globe.

Wilders writes for Breitbart:

I never doubted Mr. Trump would win. We are witnessing the same uprising on both sides of the Atlantic. The Patriotic Spring is sweeping the Western world. People are standing up and liberating themselves.

Yesterday, the American people made it quite clear that they do not want to follow in Western Europe’s footsteps. They do not want to give their country away. They want to preserve their nation, their freedoms, their prosperity. They felt the time for liberation had come.

The American voters no longer want to be represented by politicians who do not take their concerns seriously. They felt Donald Trump was the only one who listens to them. They want to protect their jobs rather than see them move abroad as a result of trade agreements which benefit other countries more than their own.

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They are sick and tired of their tax money being spent on foreign needs, while domestic needs are growing. They oppose immigration policies which attract masses of people, many unskilled and from cultures incompatible with Western civilization. They demand a restoration of law and order, rather than see violence and insecurity rise to ever higher levels.

It is not just Hillary Clinton who was beaten yesterday; the media and the chattering classes have all been beaten. It is wonderful to see how, in America as well as in Europe, the media pundits and the elites are taken by surprise.

For years, they have stubbornly refused to recognize the harm done to ordinary people by mass immigration and Islamization. The elites are completely out of touch with the problems, the worries and the fears of ordinary people. They react with condescension to the election of Donald Trump, in exactly the same way that, in 1980, they reacted to the election of Ronald Reagan. 

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Freedom! Doesn’t it feel good?

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