OF COURSE: Left-Wing States Now Trying To Block President Trump’s New Travel Ban

The left-wing will never stop trying to dismantle President Donald Trump’s administration.

Now, they’re taking their fights to the court, trying to get his second travel ban overruled.

Daily Mail reports:

Several states are joining forces to fight President Donald Trump‘s revised travel ban.

Trump signed the new executive order this week that temporarily bars the admission of refugees and some travelers from a group of Muslim-majority countries.

New York, Oregon and Massachusetts have decided to join Washington, Minnesota and Hawaii in challenging the ban.

The new travel order, which is set to take effect on March 16, changed and replaced a more sweeping ban issued on January 27 that caused chaos and protests at airports.

The first order was hit by more than two dozen lawsuits, including a challenge brought by Washington state and joined by Minnesota.

Why don’t these states want to protect Americans first?! Why must they insist that we keep bringing the third-world to the United States?!


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