Piers Morgan SLAMS LIBERAL MEDIA: Stop Making Everything Trump Does ‘Armageddon’ (VIDEO)

Piers Morgan is close friends with President Donald Trump.

And he’s got a message for the mainstream media and the Democrats!

Real Clear Politics reports:

PIERS MORGAN: From the moment Donald Trump decided to run, he was for about four or five months the only gig in town. CNN and all the other networks were racing to get him as much air time as he could possibly give him. This, of course, fuels the monster. And then when the moment came when they thought, oh god, he might actually win, they got all Dr. Frankenstein, they thought we have to kill him off. But by then, Trump, the nominee was gone. He was off and racing around America. And he became unstoppable.

And I noticed in the last few months of the campaign he got more and more virulent. Papers like The New York Times, frankly, I think were a complete disgrace. They weren’t even pretending to be anything but in the tank for Hillary Clinton. And I found that as a journalist pretty obscene to watch actually. So, as the The New York Times and others now to be saying poor us, we are the innocent parties here, Donald Trump is he annihilating the media and and breaking down the First Amendment and so on. It’s pretty rich I think given the way that they conducted themselves as this supposed paper of record.

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So, I think that there is fault on both sides here. I think that it is dangerous and toxic, and I think that the media have got to start showing President Trump a bit more respect. And he in turn and his White House operation have got to show the media a bit more respect and they all have got to move on.

PIERS MORGAN: My message to the left is, if you want to try and beat Donald Trump, do it democratically and stop trying to delegitimize him, stop trying to make every tweet, every statement, every comment he says the armageddon of the world, and just try to apply some rational political sense in defeating your opponent.

Hey Democrats, stop being such a joke!


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