‘Pocahontas’ Elizabeth Warren Demands Investigation Into Trump’s Transition Team

Elizabeth Warren indian

Pocahontas is apparently still really upset about her Democratic Party not only losing the White House, but the Senate and House as well.

What Elizabeth Warren fails to understand is that her party is not in power anymore.

Boston Globe reports:

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Elijah Cummings issued a request Wednesday for a federal agency to review President-elect Donald Trump’s transition to the White House amid reports of chaos and disarray.

In the letter to the Government Accountability Office, Warren and Cummings laid out a number of concerns regarding the transfer of power, including potential conflicts of interest related to President-elect Trump’s businesses and his family.

Up to $9.5 million has been allocated by Congress for the transition, the two Democrats wrote.

“Mr. Trump’s apparent conflicts of interest — and his behavior during the campaign and after his election — raise questions about the use of taxpayer funds during the transition,” they wrote.

Give it up Liz. You’re just making a fool out of yourself at this point.

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