POLL: Trump Gets Big Boost In Approval Rating – Thanks To Millennials!

President Donald Trump’s approval rating is going up, despite nonstop media coverage bashing him!

Red Alert’s Ryan Girdusky reports:

According to a polling report by Quinnipiac University, Trump’s approval rating has enjoyed a slight bounce from 38 percent on Feb. 22 to 41 percent on Tuesday. Meanwhile, his disapproval rating dropped from 55 percent to 52 percent over the same period.

Among millennials, the change has been even more drastic. Trump’s approval rating was a dismal 21 percent, and his disapproval was 69 percent two weeks ago.

In the latest poll, however, his approval went up just 12 points to 33 percent, basically where he was on election day. His disapproval also dropped by nine points to 60 percent. Trump decreased the number of young voters who strongly disapproved of him from 59 to 54 percent and those who somewhat disapproved by nearly half.

Trump is still winning!


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