HORROR IN PORTUGAL: African Refugee Arrested For Raping 67 Year-Old Homeless Woman


The refugee crisis has wreaked havoc on the European people. And no one has been hurt worse than individuals who have become victims at the hands of foreign migrants and refugees.

CMJornal reports:

The man who assaulted and raped a homeless woman in Albufeira has refugee status and comes from Eritrea. Foreign, 38, was arrested by South Directorate of the Judicial Police and to the CM found, part of a group of 15 refugees who arrived in Portugal in late October.

Ibrahim Salem, knows CM , entered Portugal on 28 October and was hosted by the Foundation Antonio Silva Leal, in Albufeira, along with other refugees who were stranded in Italy.

At dawn on Thursday, as the CM already reported , he approached the victim, 67, who was sheltered from the cold at the entrance of a bank branch in downtown Albufeira. According to the PJ, “through the use of physical force, he partially undressed her and in the face of the victim’s resistance, she assaulted her, causing him to have maxillofacial and nasal fractures.”

When will leaders stop Europe from being invaded by third-world migrants?!


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