Will Trump Hit BuzzFeed With LIBEL LAWSUIT Over Hoax Russia Claims?

BuzzFeed News just dug themselves into a massive whole, similar to what the now nonexistent Gawker did in 2016.

BuzzFeed published an entire news story about Trump that was actually a hoax.

Trump even tweeted about the fake news:

Now, Trump has a couple of options. He can either leave the fake news and false allegations made against him by BuzzFeed News behind or he can sue them for libel. He can do what Hulk Hogan did to Gawker, eventually bankrupting them.

Here’s the legal definition of libel:

Trump hit back on Twitter already:

And here’s a letter that the BuzzFeed editor sent to his staff about the hit piece. He says “there’s serious reason to doubt the allegations.”

But they published it anyway:

Will Trump hit back in the courts?

What do you think?

Should Trump sue BuzzFeed for fake news?

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