PERFECT! Jeff Sessions Under Consideration For Secretary of Defense


Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Al) has been with President-Elect Donald Trump from the very beginning.

Sessions took heat from his Senate colleagues and from the mainstream media for sticking with Trump all the way until the very end. But now, it looks like the fierce immigration restrictionist may be placed in one of the top positions of the Trump Administration.

POLITICO reports:

Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama is the leading contender for Donald Trump’s secretary of defense, sources close to the transition say — a choice that would reward the president-elect’s most outspoken congressional loyalist but offer few olive branches to a Trump-wary Republican national security establishment.

The two men haven’t seen eye to eye on everything: Session is a budget hawk who favors caps on defense spending, while Trump has called for an arms and troops buildup that could cost $55 billion or more per year. But sources say the three-term Alabama Republican senator has still emerged as the top candidate for Pentagon leader, perhaps the most important post in the upcoming Trump Cabinet.

Sessions hasn’t said publicly whether he wants the job, but sources say they expect him to have his pick of Cabinet posts — which also could include attorney general or Homeland Security secretary — and that he’s leaning toward running the Defense Department.

Aside from the Defense Department, Sessions would be phenomenal in Homeland Security, as he is the leading Republican on closing the borders, lessening immigration and border security.

Image: Source


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