Reince Priebus On ‘Russian Influence’: ‘THIS IS AN INSANE ANALYSIS’ (VIDEO)


Reince Priebus is standing up to the phony mainstream media narratives!

While making the rounds on the Sunday shows, Priebus pushed back against the LIES.

Real Clear Politics reports:

PRIEBUS: I — listen, I’m not — by the way, George, as you know from working in the White House, it takes a long time — I’m not the president, so the president, you know, has top secret clearance immediately. I don’t. It takes time. So I’m not in those top secret meetings, nor would it be appropriate. The president can’t tell me what’s ha — what’s being said in a top secret meeting unless I have top secret clearance. I’ll eventually be in those meetings.

But, look, the Russians didn’t tell Hillary Clinton to ignore Wisconsin and Michigan, OK? I mean, I know it’s — this is an insane analysis. She lost the election because her ideas were bad. She didn’t fit the electorate. She ignored states that she shouldn’t have and Donald Trump was the change agent, OK? So this is all very interesting, but Donald Trump won in an electoral landslide that had nothing to do with the Russians. Or whoever else.

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He’s right!

The Media will never tell the truth: Hillary was a terrible candidate. And Americans just didn’t like her.

So they need some other reason. Some other excuse.

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Hillary and the media’s new excuse: RUSSIA DID IT!

Good luck with that!


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