REPORT: President Trump Loves Tom Cotton’s Immigration Overhaul That Helps Workers

Turns out, President Donald Trump is sticking to his word to help American workers get pay raises.

POLITICO reports:

The White House hasn’t issued an official endorsement of their bill, called the RAISE Act, but the measure encapsulates Trump’s vow during his presidential campaign to overhaul the current legal immigration system. That promise was largely overlooked by Trump’s promise to crack down on illegal migration.

During their private meeting, Trump requested Cotton and Perdue to take the lead in crafting a “slightly broader legal immigration bill,” Cotton said. Both senators said they were looking to target employer-based green cards as well as temporary worker visa programs.

“We’ve just started with the RAISE Act and we’re going to be moving into some employment immigration issues directly,” Perdue said. “We’re moving toward — in coordination with the White House and the Senate and the House — conversations about how to deal with the pieces of immigration that have been waiting to be fixed for over 30 years. One of those is legal immigration, both family-oriented and employment-based immigration.”

American workers need this legislation passed so that we can stop the mass dumping of low-skilled workers on the country!


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