Rush: Trump’s Boeing Tweet Means That CLINTON CRONYISM IS OVER (VIDEO)


With a single tweet, President-Elect Donald Trump has signaled the end of the Clinton, Obama and Bush cronyism that has gone on for decades.

While the media is up in arms that Trump called out Boeing for spending $4 billion to build a plane for the federal government, the message is a move to end the corruption in Washington DC.

Rush Limbaugh explained it perfectly, as Washington Times reports:

“So Hillary Clinton as secretary of state had helped Boeing broker two deals, one in Russia (a $3.7 billion deal) which got them a $900,000 contribution to the Clinton Foundation, and in 2012 Boeing hired Bill to do a speech for a quarter mill — chump change compared to what they’ve been sending Hilary,” Mr. Limbaugh said. “Plus, they sent about $170,000 in campaign donations. Trump knows all this. He’s very much aware of the cronyism that’s been going on.”

“[Trump] doesn’t like the Iranian nuke deal. He doesn’t like any of Obama’s trade deals. He doesn’t like much of our foreign policy, and Boeing is in the thick of it. Boeing is right smack dab in the middle of many things. And so this tweet that Trump has put out there today is not just an idle Trump’s gotta say something, he’s bored kind of thing. There’s obviously something very meaningful behind it.”

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That’s right… it’s happening! Let the swamp-draining begin!


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