Sean Spicer OWNS Media On Manufactured Outrage: It’s ‘Professional’ Protesting (VIDEO)

During the White House press briefing today, Press Secretary Sean Spicer owned the mainstream media.

They tried to paint him into a corner on town hall meetings where leftist groups are protesting.

Check out what happened when Spicer was asked about the issue:

He’s right!

These aren’t grassroots. They’re manufactured. And Liberals are paying people to show up and protest.

President Trump originally tweeted out his disdain for the manufactured protesters.

He said it was all run by Liberals who want to oust him as president.

It’s so nice to have a president that’s willing to call out these leftist groups!

He’s fighting back against the Liberal onslaught.

The American people have never seen this kind of fighting for the country before!

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