TRIGGERED: University Students Attacked By Social Justice Warriors For Questioning ‘Safe Spaces’ (VIDEO)


Social justice warriors (SJWs) are about as insane as you can possibly get.

When the Young Americans for Freedom organization at the University of Kansas decided they wanted to call out special snowflakes, it naturally triggered all the SJWs.

Heat Street reports:

Thursday night, the University of Kansas YAF asked students who supported “safe spaces” to debate the topic, politely, with several young conservative KU YAF members. The event, called “Stand with Me” was in response to a video (and poem!) posted by transgender student Micha Cox, who claimed to have been harassed and berated as she was walking across campus.

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YAF had anticipated some protests, but what they got was a complete meltdown,clearly inspired by Trigglypuff. A group of social justice warriors invaded the meeting, screaming obscenities, verbally abusing the YAF students, calling them “racist” and “white supremacist,” lecturing students about their “white privilege” and even berating the students for holding the event.

Generation snowflake just can’t handle differing opinions cause you know, RACISM! HOMOPHOBIA! TRANSPHOBIA! ISLAMOPHOBIA! BIGOTRY!

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