WHOOPI: Trump’s Fault That Jennifer Holliday Got Death Threats From Liberals (VIDEO)

The ladies from ‘The View’ are actually blaming President-Elect Donald Trump for singer Jennifer Holliday getting death threats after she first agreed to perform at the Inauguration.

Holliday was set to perform, but then quickly backed out after gay activists and liberals threatened her life and sent her racist messages on Twitter.

But, Whoopi Goldberg insisted that those things were done because of Trump, and never once condemned the leftists who sent Holliday those messages.

Check out the segment here:

“This is why I say, it has to come from the top,” Goldberg said, referring to Trump. “As long as he continues to do this, this is what he’s leading. He needs to stop and say ‘Ok, I get it.’ Like Jennifer said, ‘I saw what the people were saying to me, that’s what made me take another stance.'”

“This is what we need.”


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