This One Picture Shows The Fall Of Globalist Liberal Elites Throughout Western World In 2016

One picture on Twitter is about to go viral, as it simply shows the fall of globalist, pro-mass immigration elite all throughout the Western democracies, including Europe and the United States.

For instance, President Obama, French President Francois Hollande, UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Italian President Matteo Renzi were all ousted from power this year because of their pro-mass immigration, globalization agendas.

Check out the pre-viral picture here:

The only globalist Liberal not out of power yet in these nations is Germany’s Angela Merkel. She is now being credited with the destruction of the European Union thanks to her mass migration plan.

It’s about time we got leaders like Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen in France, Theresa May in the UK and Beppe Grillo in Italy!


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