Triggered Muslim Student Goes Off On Right-Winger: ‘You Have No Right To Be Here’ (VIDEO)


When a man showed up to a college campus wearing a shirt that signed support for Australia’s right-wing populist politician Paula Hanson, one Muslim student went completely bonkers.

The Muslim student can be seen in this shocking video going absolutely ballistic over the man’s shirt supporting Hanson.

The Express reports:

She screams at him: “You have no right to be here!”The Muslim student took issue with the man for wearing a Pauline Hanson shirt on a university campus.

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Ms Hanson is the populist leader of the Australian right-wing One Nation party, which advocates for an end to all Muslim immigration.

She also claims “Australia is in danger of being swamped by Muslims”.

The angry woman in the video accuses the man of being a “fascist” for wearing the shirt in public.

Watch below:

Get ready America! If Hillary Clinton is elected, you can expect this same kind of treatment towards right-wingers on college campuses and public squares everywhere.

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