Congressman Slams MSNBC’s Russia Hysteria: “Media Can’t Accept That THE PEOPLE HAVE REJECTED THEM” (VIDEO)

President-Elect Donald Trump’s ally Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Fl) nailed MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell for failing to realize that the American people still do not believe the media’s Russia hysteria.

He said it’s just another excuse. 


From the video:

Rep. DANA ROHRABACHER: “It did not hurt the American people to have more factual information available to them. This is just a frantic effort to try to discredit an election because the American people rejected the Liberal, Left effort. This is a massive campaign against Trump, and the Media cannot accept that the People have rejected them. They’re looking for some excuse!

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Real Clear Politics has more of the transcript:

REP. DANA ROHRABACHER: “What’s worse — Hillary destroyed e-mails that were under subpoena and she destroyed them. Is that worse than the Russians hacking in an giving us those emails? No, the destruction of the emails by Hillary is a far worse crime against the American people. She’s trying to keep information from the American people, and, if the Russians, or whoever it was, hacked into the system and gave the American people that information that Hillary tried to destroy — more power to whoever.”

ANDREA MITCHELL: “Just to set the record straight, those 33,000 e-mails were under her purview, according to State Department rules. Every official has the right to decide what is private and what is personal and what is official.”

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ROHRABACHER:”She destroyed them to keep information from the American people. She destroyed them so we wouldn’t know. Now we are being upset by the people who actually gave information to the American people. No. Those e-mails were under subpoena. She destroyed them so that we wouldn’t know the facts.”

Gotta love men like Rohrabacher. He tells it like it is!

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