Trump Searching For Homeless Black Woman Who Was Attacked For Guarding His Hollywood Star


GOP nominee Donald Trump wants to help the homeless black woman who was photographed and video-taped guarding his Hollywood ‘Walk of Fame’ star from violent liberals.

Eventually, the violent liberals actually attacked the woman.

Check out her attack here:

Now, Trump wants to find the woman and help her, as the Daily Caller is reporting:

Donald Trump launched a search for the Los Angeles homeless woman who protected Trump’s Hollywood star after vandals damaged it last week and she was later pummeled  for shielding the location of the site.

“Mr. Trump cares about not only finding her but he wants us to do something special for her,” Trump attorney Michael Cohen told The Daily Caller Saturday. “But he also wants to find those who stood around and mocked her and jeered at her and did nothing, while this woman sat on the floor protecting this star that was awarded to him by Hollywood.”

Can you help Mr. Trump find her?!

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