TRUMP SETS THE STAGE: Italy Expected To See Their ‘Brexit’ Day Soon As Establishment Falls

First Brexit, then Trump, now Italy.

The Italians seem to be just like the British and Americans when it comes to being fed up with the political establishment and unaccounted for global elites.

Daily Mail reports:

The referendum has effectively turned into a vote on the leadership of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi – and if he loses, which looks probable, there are fears it will set in train a sequence of events leading to the country abandoning the single currency, an outcome dubbed ‘Quitaly’.

As David Cameron did over Brexit, Mr Renzi has staked his political future on the vote, saying he will step down if he loses.

And if that happens, Mr Grillo’s Five Star Movement (M5S) already the biggest opposition party, is widely tipped to triumph at the next election. If he wins, the comedian has vowed to hold a referendum on the single currency.

It is little wonder that the December 4 vote, which takes place amid a crippling financial crisis, is being viewed with nervous anticipation across Europe and beyond.

After Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, a vote against Mr Renzi would be what analysts call the ‘third domino’ as contagious dissatisfaction with political establishments shapes a new world order.

Seems like Western people are finally waking up and taking back their sovereignty!

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