LIKE THEIR SALTY TEARS: Trump Supporters Are Sending Salt To The New York Times Following Victory


President-Elect Donald Trump’s supporters just love trolling the mainstream media. Now they’re apparently sending salt to the New York Times for being “salty” throughout their coverage after Trump’s win.

Breitbart News Network reports:

Reddit users have begun a campaign titled #SendEmSalt where they send The New York Times offices large bags of salt, ridiculing the publication for their angry (or “salty”) reaction to the election of Donald Trump.

Users in /r/The_Donald, Reddit’s largest Donald Trump supporting community, posted a thread three days ago titled, “#SendEmSalt: An attempt to deliver 1 ton of salt to the New York Times”. Within the thread, user /u/njmksr writes, “While I was viewing the frontpage today, I was inspired by one ‘Pede’s [a term short for centipede that refers to Trump supporters] act of sending the NYT 25 pounds of salt. So, I thought we could follow in this brave patriot’s footsteps and pool together to send the New York Times an entire literal ton of salt.”

If anyone deserves it, it’s definitely the New York Times!

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