Two Foreign-Born Brothers Arrested By German Police For PLOTTING Terrorist Attack At Mall

The multicultural society that Angela Merkel is creating in Germany is still making everything worse.

Just now, German police have arrested two alleged terrorists who were plotting a bigger attack than even the one in Berlin, Germany.

Daily Mail reports:

Two brothers have been arrested in western Germany on suspicion of planning an attack at a shopping center where a popular Christmas market is taking place near the Dutch border, police say. 

Special police units apprehended the two suspicious looking men in Duisburg at about 12:45am local time on Friday, as authorities say they may have been planning to attack the shopping center CentrO in Oberhausen.

‘The 28- and 31-year-old brothers born in Kosovo are suspected of having prepared an attack on the CentrO in Oberhausen,’ an Essen police statement reads.

‘At the present time, it is determined at high pressure how far preparations have been made and whether other persons are involved.’

Authorities at the CentrO shopping center showed a heavy presence Thursday evening due to the threat of the situation. 

‘In civilian clothes and in uniform they controlled the area, clearly visible to visitors and customers,’ police said in Friday’s statement. 

This isn’t going to end until Germany decides to close its borders!


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