UNREAL: Left-Wing Activist Hawaii Judge Uses PAST Trump Statements To Block Travel Ban

In order to block President Donald Trump’s, left-wing activists lawyers and a judge used past statements from the president and his team, which is unprecedented for a court to do.

Foreign Policy reports:

The lawyers for the latest case — and others mounting similar challenges across the country — used past statements from Trump and his officials calling for a Muslim ban. That showed, they argued, that the new ban was less about national security than discrimination against one religion. They also argued that the cleaned-up order — which removed some of the more egregious language from the original — could be construed as the admission of a mistake, highlighting the intent behind the original.

Hawaii’s complaint enumerates 11 instances where Trump made statements related to intending a Muslim ban, including statements during his campaign demanding a “total and complete shut down of Muslims entering the United States,” and pledging “If I win, they’re going back!” about Syrian refugees. It also highlighted actions from the rollout of the first executive order, such as when Trump read the title of it and said “we all know what that means.”

This is ridiculous! Based on this logic, Obamacare could have been deemed unconstitutional based on Obama’s previous statements about the healthcare law!


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