WATCH: Protesters Against Trump’s Refugee Plan BLOCK TRAVELERS From Flights (VIDEO)

The protesters demanding the US just blindly take in any and everyone are now blocking actual Americans from getting on their flights.

These protests shouldn’t even be allowed at airports, but because they are, the unhinged protesters are causing mass chaos!

Take a look:

US News reported: 

“Cries of ‘Let them in!’ rose up from a crowd of more than 2,000 people protesting at John F. Kennedy Airport, where 12 refugees were detained Saturday. Celebrities including ‘Sex and the City’ actress Cynthia Nixon joined the demonstration. ‘What Donald Trump did in the last 24 hours is disgusting, disgraceful and completely un-American and I’m here in protest,’ said protester Pamela French. The agency that runs the airport tried to restore order by shutting down the train that runs to airport terminals. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, reversed that decision, saying people had a right to protest. ‘The people of New York will have their voices heard,’ he said in a statement.”

How is this even legal?!

Trump should charge all of these anarchists with felonies for causing chaos inside a sensitive public area.

Someone is going to get hurt at one of these unhinged protests.

But, keep it up Democrats! You’re helping Trump win in 4 years!

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