WATCH: Tom Cotton Beautifully Details How Less Legal Immigration Helps American Workers

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ak) is now the leading voice in Washington DC against mass legal immigration into the U.S. because he understands how much it decimates the working and middle-class.

Check out Cotton’s beautiful explanation on the O’Reilly Factor:

“We want to refocus legal immigration on high-skilled and ultra-high-skilled immigrants who can contribute to our economy and won’t need to use any kind of public welfare benefits and that’ll mean higher wages for working Americans,” Cotton said.

When Cotton was pressed by Bill O’Reilly on the alleged need for low-skilled immigrants to do jobs that Americans won’t do, Cotton explained how that’s an utter lie being pushed by the open borders lobby.

“There is no job in the United States that is not filled by at least a majority, sometimes a large majority, of native-born Americans. There is no job in America that Americans will not do,” Cotton said.

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