HA! Bill Maher Takes A Shot At Hillary Clinton For Being A Sore Loser (VIDEO)

It’s not every day that a liberal TV host takes a shot at the queen of the Democratic Party.

But that’s just what Bill Maher did on CNN after Hillary Clinton complained that she lost the election because of the Jim Comey and Wikileaks.

The Hill reports:

HBO’s Bill Maher criticized Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, saying the former Democratic presidential nominee was trying to relitigate the 2016 election.

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“I don’t know why she needs to be coming back,” Maher said on CNN’s “The Lead.” “She had her turn and it didn’t work out. The ball rolled through her legs.”

Clinton earlier Tuesday partially blamed her election loss to President Trump on FBI Director James Comey and WikiLeaks’s publication of hacked Democratic emails.

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It looks like Clinton just can’t accept the fact that she is incredibly unpopular.  Outside of the traditional liberal strongholds like New York and California not too many people like her.

Many liberals say that Donald Trump was the worst candidate in history.  Hillary Clinton lost to that candidate so what does that make her?

But the Democrats, including Maher, will continue to make excuses as to why Hillary lost the election.  It’s much easier to blame Wikileaks or Jim Comey than it is to actually look in the mirror and say “we didn’t pick the right candidate.”  It is possible that a Democrat would be sitting in the White House right now had they gone with their populist candidate, Bernie Sanders.

At the end of the day, Clinton was a bad choice.  They won’t accept it, but it doesn’t matter.  Regardless of how many times they want to use the ridiculous #notmypresident hashtag, Donald Trump is still president and Hillary isn’t.


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