Black Conservative Columnist SUSPENDED For Supporting The NRA

The mainstream media’s liberal bias has claimed another victim.

Stacy Washington resigned from her job as a freelance writer for the “St. Louis Post Dispatch” after she was suspended for defending the NRA.

Washington was the newspaper’s only conservative voice.  She posted an article recently that responded to an article from a professor at the University of Missouri Columbia which compared the NRA to ISIS.

The Riverfront Times reports:

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Ironically, Washington’s column, “Guns and the media,” took aim at the low representation of conservative journalists in U.S. newsrooms. It also took on a St. Louis American column advocating gun control and a Mizzou professor invoking ISIS in his criticism of the NRA.

“It’s understandable that we seek out opinions and news that support our viewpoint,” Washington wrote in the column, which was published April 28. “Confirmation bias is a very real part of how people consume news and media. However, we should be appalled to see neighbors with whom we work, attend church, people who have children defending this country through military service — in other words, good decent people — portrayed in the same light as demonic murderers for the simple act of owning a firearm.”

Hours after Washington’s column ran, she received an email from Robberson. She was being suspended. “You did not disclose in your column published today that you served multiple times as a co-host and commentator on Cam & Company on NRA TV,” he wrote. He noted that her column was “problematic in many ways,” but it was her work with the NRA that represented an unforgivable ethical breach.

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Washington says she has never been paid for any of the work she did with the NRA.

She also says she never tried to hide the fact that she is a supporter of the organization.

Stacy seems to be taking it stride.  She posted this comical tweet on her Twitter page after her suspension:

She said: “I’m not ashamed that I’m an NRA supporter, a Bible-thumper, that I love Jesus Christ. I’m all the way out there. There’s nothing else that I can do to articulate my perspective any more clearly on where I stand.”

Go, Stacy!


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