Juan Williams Calls Kanye West’s Conversion A “Marketing Ploy” (VIDEO)

The panel on “The Five” of FOX News recently discussed Kanye West’s conversion to Christianity.

Greg Gutfeld said that he felt Kanye’s conversion is completely genuine, but Juan Williams, the liberal analyst on the show was typically skeptical.

Williams said that while he can’t read West’s mind, that he “can read marketing ploy.” He then implied that West is only trying to open himself up to a new market.

Watch the video below:

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As usual for Juan Williams, this is really all about his hatred of Trump.

Ever since Kanye West became friendly towards Trump, Williams has had it in for him.

When West visited Trump at the White House last spring, Juan Williams wrote this at The Hill:

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Trump’s useful idiots

President Trump has Republicans doing a double-take in front of one of those distorted funhouse mirrors.

With Trump in the White House, Kanye West is now more popular among Republicans than Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

Republicans once denounced West for saying after Hurricane Katrina that President George W. Bush did not “care about black people.”

Now, he is thrilling white nationalists and some Trump supporters by calling for black people to agree that 400 years of slavery “sounds like a choice” made by black people.

West is also being celebrated by Trump supporters as a free thinker for embracing the president as “my boy,” a break with 90 percent of black voters.

“The amount of Republicans with a favorable view of rapper Kanye West increased by 23 percentage points from 2015 to late April 2018, according to a poll from HuffPost and YouGov,” The Hill reported last week.

Juan seems incapable of giving West the benefit of the doubt now, based on his prior prejudice.

And it’s all about Trump.


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