Juanita Broaddrick Blasts Meryl Streep: ‘We Don’t Care What . . . ‘ (TWEETS)


A lot of people are calling out Meryl Streep for her anti-Trump remarks.

Perhaps none have more reason to blast Hillary-supporting Meryl Streep than Juanita Broaddrick.

Broaddrick was a guest of Trump at the second Presidential debate. She sat with Trump and talked about what Bill Clinton did to her (via Cavuto):

Now, Juanita Broaddrick is taking on Meryl Streep for her anti-Trump remarks at the Golden Globes:


As a reminder of the long history between the Clintons and Juanita Broaddrick, here’s what Broaddrick tweeted out a year ago:

Don’t Liberals want us to believe rape victims?

Apparently, some don’t. One of them tweeted back to Juanita Broaddrick and she answered:

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H/T Daily Caller

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