Judge Jeanine To Liberals: ‘The Election Is Over – YOU’RE EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US!’ (VIDEO)


Judge Jeanine Pirro threw down the gauntlet in her “opening statement” last night.

She noted that the election is over. Trump will be President.

Now, it’s time for all Americans to get on board. It’s time for all Americans to show respect for the President-elect.

That means Democrats, too!


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From the video:

Look, it’s time to take sides. The election is over. You’re either with us or against us. That is: With the United States or against the United States. We have a new President-elect. His name is Donald J Trump. So move over Barack. Move over Hillary, Harry, Jill and all you namby-pamby pathetic losers still crying in your grande double shot skinny lattes. You know there was a time in this country when we united behind the flag and celebrated America’s new President, our new leader. We all did so in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected. We had high hopes for a united country, irrespective of our politics. And it’s time for the left, assuming they’re capable, to show the same dignity and class to the 45th President-elect.”

She’s right!

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It’s time for Democrats to stop whining. It’s time for Liberals to get on board. It’s time for the Left to show respect to the next President of the United States!

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