Judge Jeanine To Post-Election Rioters: “GET A LIFE, GET A JOB, GET OVER IT!” (VIDEO)


Today, Judge Jeanine Pirro let loose on the post-election rioters!

On Fox & Friends, she called for the arrest of rioters. And she had a special message for the precious snowflakes.


From the video:

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Judge Jeanine: “The idea of safe spaces and therapy dogs and crayons and delaying exams? You know: Just get a life, get a job, get over it! He’s the President. We voted for him. This is a democracy. You’re anarchists. It’s over! They need to be arrested. They damaged property. They destroyed businesses. They interfered with traffic. They have to be prosecuted. That’s it. It’s over!”

Then, there’s this: Why aren’t Obama and Hillary telling rioters to stop? 

Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse has a reason why: 

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“In essence Obama/Clinton agents are undermining Trump’s possible action against them by creating a narrative where the best play for President Trump is to allow the usurping agents to creep away, albeit with suitcases of cash, quietly into the night; and avoid sunlight upon their prior unlawful activity.

The meeting today between the victor Donald Trump and the defeated Barack Obama is essentially a meeting to discuss the terms of surrender. President Obama is seeking safe passage and amnesty for prior usurpation.

In the meeting today President Obama, and by extension Hillary Clinton, are requesting safe passage using the leverage of they’ll burn down the nation if not provided – hence the protests needed last night.”

Hmmm . . . What do you think?

Is that why the riots are continuing? Are Obama and Hillary trying to negotiate their way to safety?

Tell us in the comments!


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