Stuart Varney asked Judge Napolitano about Hillary’s legal situation.

After all, Hillary is still the subject of FBI investigations. She’s still at risk for going to jail.

Should President Trump pardon Hillary? asked Stuart Varney.

Judge Napolitano gave a very interesting response.

Watch (via Varney & Co.):

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From the video:

Judge Napolitano: “Without getting into the weeds, there’s another person here he might have to pardon.”

Stuart Varney: “And that is?”

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Judge Napolitano: “Her husband. Because the Clinton Family Foundation, which is the subject of the investigation of 100 FBI agents, targets him as well as her. So, it depends on how broad and sweeping this is to be. Is he going to pardon just the email investigation, which has been shut down? Is he going to pardon the ‘pay for play’ which is going full blast? ‘Did you tailor your decisions as Secretary of State to enrich the Foundation? Is he going to pardon the people that were enriched by the Foundation? That arguably engaged in fraud with respect to the Foundation? How far and broad shall these pardons go?

Judge Napolitano is right!

There are so many Hillary scandals, what does Trump pardon, if he pardons Hillary? Does he pardon her for the email scandal? The pay-for-play? The Foundation scam?

The only fair conclusion: Don’t pardon Hillary for anything.

Send her to jail!

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