Kamala Harris Says Americans May ‘Incur Some Costs’ Over Involvement With Russia Ukraine Conflict

Have you been following the news about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine? Have you been asking yourself why Democrats and the media are so obssessed with this topic? You’re not alone.

Kamala Harris is currently overseas, doing -something- that has to do with this, and she recently made a comment that is raising eyebrows.

It had to do with costs and energy.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Harris: Americans may ‘incur some costs’ when America ‘stands for principles’ against Russia

Vice President Kamala Harris argued that a principled response to Russian aggression is warranted but could hurt American pocketbooks if gas prices rise. Opponents of a Russian energy pipeline ask where the White House has been.

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At issue is a controversial Russia-to-Germany gas project owned by Russian energy giant Gazprom. The Biden administration lifted sanctions on the $11 billion pipeline last year as it sought to soothe ties with Europe.

Now pushing furiously to avert a war in Ukraine, President Joe Biden has pledged to shut down the Russian-owned pipeline if Moscow invades. Harris had traveled to Germany to meet with allies and partners during the Munich Security Conference against a backdrop of dire warnings over Ukraine’s fate.

But officials in Ukraine say the Biden administration has already lost leverage.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused trans-Atlantic leaders of adopting an “appeasement” policy towards Russia that had allowed the crisis on Ukraine’s borders to escalate, a hint at a troubling period from Europe’s past.

One of the issues this administration has gotten wrong from day one is energy.

Under Trump, the United States had finally become energy independent. Biden not only screwed that up, he made it much worse.

Here we are a year later and gas prices are reaching record highs.

Biden and his party will pay for that in November.


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