Kanye West Tells Tucker That Hollywood Pressured Him To Keep Silent About Supporting Trump (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson did a highly publicized interview with Kanye West this week.

While there were many fascinating moments in the interview, the part where West discussed his support for Trump was particularly revealing.

West sadi that he was an early supporter of Trump in 2016, and that he was pressured by various people in Hollywood to keep silent about it.

FOX News reports:

Ye says it ‘drove me crazy’ to not say he liked Trump, vows ‘I will eventually be president’

Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, revealed the struggle he had to keep hidden his admiration for former President Trump around his liberal peers in the entertainment industry, who “bullied” him into silence.

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“It drove me crazy to not be able to say that I like Trump,” Ye said in his exclusive “Tucker Carlson Tonight” interview that aired on Friday. “It drove – because think about it, it’s me. Imagine me not being able to say what I wanted. What is the point of being famous? What is the point of having millions of people love your music? What was the point of having a voice if you can’t even use your own voice and connect it to your own opinions? That’s where the disconnect happened. That’s where the quote, I think wrongly diagnosed, that’s where the bipolarity is. Because you got something you’re thinking, but you’re told you’re not allowed to say it in public. Well I never actually told people that I like Trump when he was running because I was bullied by Hollywood.”

Ye added that others told him he was better off “biting [his] tongue” to protect his children and his marriage

“There are so many fathers and mothers that go to work everyday, and they’re in a situation where they’re biting their tongue because they think it will be better for their children,” he said. “So even me in my position, I was biting my tongue on my political opinion because I thought it would be better for my children.”

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Watch the video below:

This is what the left does.

They disconnect from people over political differences.


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